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4 Pest Issues to Look Out for This Summer

4 Pest Issues to Look Out for This Summer

Unlike raccoons, snakes enjoy basking in the heat of the sun.

Pest issues don’t go away in the summer. In fact, this season has its own list of animal control issues that you’ll have to contend with. Each species of animal has habits that are unique to those animals. With that said, some of those habits will come with behaviors that attract them to your property or even into your home. Here are four pest issues to look out for this summer.

Watch for Bats

Having bats in the attic is not an issue that’s reserved for the fall or winter; they’ll also take the opportunity to enter your attic in the summer as well. In fact, bats use the summer to migrate between their time of roosts and winter hibernation. You’ll want to catch the bats early as they’ll start damaging your property when they grow into larger numbers. To look for any bat activity in your attic, go outside after the sun goes down and inspect your roofline to see if you can spot them coming in and out of your attic.

Raccoons from Below

Raccoons are also known for making a home in the attic, but as the summer sun beats down on them, they’ll often take up residence under your deck instead as it will feel cooler in the summer. Raccoons are known for consuming more food in the summer to get fatter in preparation to survive the winter. To keep up with this enhanced appetite, they’ll also look through your trash cans, dig up your garden, and steal dog and cat food for themselves, leaving a mess behind them that you’ll have to clean on a regular basis. Keep your trash cans secure and consider installing a fence around your garden to keep the raccoons at bay.

Snakes in Your Yard

Unlike raccoons, snakes enjoy basking in the heat of the sun. You’ll usually spot them out in the open on your property. While some have colors that contrast with the grass, others blend in and are harder to see with the untrained eye. Because people spend more time outside in the summer, there’s a heightened desire to protect family and friends from bites. It’s best to call an expert to have the snakes removed.

Spotting Groundhogs

Homeowners that have large yards will probably see their share of groundhogs in the summer. As far as pests go, they can impact your vegetable gardens and damage fruit trees. Have animal control specialists assess your concerns and help with repellents.

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