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Do I Have Animals Living in My Attic?

Do I Have Animals Living in My Attic?

Do you keep hearing sounds coming from your attic? Give Shumaker Animal Control a call!

There are many reasons why you may think you have animals living in your attic. Do you live in a rural area? Have you been hearing scratching noises in the middle of the night? Have you heard stories from friends that are making you paranoid? Whatever the case may be, there are signs in and around your home that will let you know if you’re dealing with animals in your attic. Call animal control professionals if the signs are pointing toward the yes.

Hearing Noises

Regardless of the age of the home, you’ll always hear creaking noises from wood that naturally expands and contracts. However, if you’re hearing sounds that are different from those typical house noises, you might be dealing with an animal in your attic. The types of noises that you hear will vary by the animal, but there are some universal sounds that should alert you that you may have some uninvited guests in your attic. If you’ve heard anything that sounds like fast scurrying or scampering, it’s likely the sound of rodents, vermin, or other animals moving around in your attic. The sound could also remind you of chirping from birds or light, high-pitched squeaking from mice.

Seeing Droppings

If you use your attic for storage or even as another lounge area, home office, or craft studio, then you’re able to give the space a visual inspection on a regular basis. Check near the baseboards, in the corners, and other surfaces for any signs of droppings. Different types of animals have different sleep patterns, which means that you may not see them when you’re using the space. The droppings, however, are a clear indication that they’ve been seeking shelter and even nesting in your attic.

Finding an Entry Point

Finding a possible entry point for the animals means inspecting the roof of your home. Many small animals will use tree branches to climb across to your home and gain entry. Open the vents and look for torn siding, which are both areas where animals would work their way inside your home. Even the smallest openings provide just enough space for mice and other rodents to squeeze through.

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