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How Are Animals Entering My Home?


How Are Animals Entering My Home?

Uncover the mystery of how those critters are finding ways into your home!

Wait a second—did you just see something out of the corner of your eye? If you’re like many homeowners, and it’s sometime after dark, there’s a chance that it could have been a common household pest—animals. When animals enter your home it can be incredibly stressful, and not just because you need to call for animal removal. How did the animals get into your home? The answer is probably not the front door.



Mice are very small and very creative, making them wildlife enemy #1 for many homeowners. They only need a hole or gap in your home that is ¼ inch big to squeeze through. Mice are known for entering homes through the garage, basement, or the small gaps around utility lines. You can tell that you have a mice problem by spotting their droppings, hearing them at night, or seeing holes with rough edges on boxes of food. While mice aren’t worth calling animal control over, they are worth calling an animal removal specialist to get traps that can capture them. Perform preventative maintenance and seal any exterior gaps. Always store food in durable, hard-to-break containers.


Is your bird feeder outside actually feeding birds? Or is it really just feeding squirrels? If the answer is the latter, you are setting yourself up for an animal removal situation. Squirrels can shimmy into holes that are 2.5 inches or larger, and they often enter out of sight in gaps under the roof. You can hear them scampering around during the day and might notice insulation missing in certain spots. Squirrels are worth calling an animal control professional for, as they can carry rabies and professional equipment is needed to get the job done.

The Rest of the Outdoors

In Maryland, many other creatures  may enter your home, including:

  • Skunks—Commonly enter a garage, crawlspace, or basement. Need to call a professional.
  • Bats—Often live in the attic. Call a professional animal removal specialist, as bats are typically a protected species.
  • Birds—Shimmy into tiny openings inside or outside of your home. Block off the entrances if the nest is empty and move bird feeders away from your home.
  • Raccoons—Often climb down chimneys or attic vents. Always call an animal removal professional, as they can be tricky to lure out.

Have an Animal Inside of Your Home That Shouldn’t Be There? Give Us a Call!

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