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How To Keep Animals Out Of Your Home This Winter

How To Keep Animals Out Of Your Home This Winter

Keep your home critter-free this winter with these tips!

Winter is quickly approaching, and that means pretty soon all sorts of critters are going to try and make their way into your home. Garages, basements, and attics are appealing to animals like mice, rats, and squirrels. This is because they are warm environments and are an escape from the cold winter weather. Here are some things you can do to make sure you don’t have any unwanted guests in your home this winter!

Continuous Inspections

To ensure that there are no hidden entrances for unwanted critters into your home, you need to inspect your home on a consistent basis. Any sorts of gaps or openings can serve as a means for an animal to gain access. Be sure that the crawl space of your home is secure and that windows and doors do not have any gaps around the frames. You will also want to do the same for your home’s roof. If you do not feel comfortable going up there, you may want to consider hiring someone to do so.

Don’t Give Them A Reason

There are all sorts of ways an animal can find its way into your home. It is essential that you consider your property and be mindful of all possible access points. Do you have any trees or bushes near the side of your home? If you have a squirrel problem in your attic, it is possible that these furry creatures are using branches as a bridge to get onto your roof. A  common mistake that many homeowners make is leaving their trash cans near their home. This is a problem because the smell of food will entice animals to come check it out. You are much better off keeping all trash bins a safe distance away from your home.

Make Any Necessary Repairs

If you do come across any gaps or holes in your home, you will want to fill/repair them as quickly as possible. As we move closer to winter, it will start becoming a more significant issue, so your best interest to fix any problems immediately.

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