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3 Animals Who Wake Up From Winter Hibernation in the Spring

It's springtime, wake up - arctic ground squirrels are!

It’s springtime, wake up – the arctic ground squirrels are! There are several animals who wake up from winter hibernation this time of year.

Spring has sprung!  During this time of year, trees and other plants that have sat dormant through the winter suddenly come to life and thrive beautifully. However, plants aren’t the only part of nature that resumes life in the springtime. Several types of animals hibernate through the winter months when food sources are limited and temperatures drop. Shumaker’s Animal Control is here to tell you about a few animals who wake up from winter hibernation during the spring season.


Last week, we told you all about groundhogs – where they live, their eating habits, and how to manage one that is wreaking havoc on your garden or home. This is important because the presence of groundhogs will continue to increase during springtime as they wake up from winter hibernation, which usually begins in October. Fun fact: Did you know that groundhogs binge eat the vegetable equivalent of a 15-lb steak before going into hibernation?


Chipmunks are the tiniest members of the squirrel family. The circumstances of their hibernation depend on various factors – in warmer areas, some chipmunks aren’t known to hibernate at all. The chipmunks who do hibernate aren’t usually able to sleep through an entire winter. They hibernate for short periods of time, waking up every few days to eat and store fat. Now that the weather is warmer, you are likely to see them pouncing around full-time in wooded areas.

Arctic Ground Squirrels

Arctic ground squirrels are the largest type of squirrel in North America. There are only three species of arctic animals that hibernate, and these ground squirrels record the lowest body temperature during hibernation than any other hibernating animal. Their bodies are known to drop to 27 degrees Fahrenheit during hibernation, even though they wake up every few weeks to warm themselves. Arctic ground squirrels generally begin hibernation in the beginning of August and wake up in early April, when the males dig their way out from underground.

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