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5 Steps You Can Take to Address Your Bat Problem

5 Steps You Can Take to Address Your Bat Problem

If you have a bat problem, call Shumaker Animal Control!

Animal control is always a matter of removing the pests and keeping them away. If you’re facing a bat problem in or near your home, try some of these five steps to address those uninvited guests.


Mothballs, in general, have several uses but one of the most effective uses is addressing your bat problem. In fact, they are one of the best solutions available for bat issues. Any current bats will flee your residence and others will choose resident elsewhere. For complete effectiveness, mothballs require good ventilation. They are easy to find in the pest-control section of many stores. Once you get them, tie the mothballs in a cloth wrapping and hang the fabric in various locations inside your home. Change them out frequently but be careful not to overuse this method as too many can have adverse health effects.


Invest in some netting material and sealants. Inspect your home for evidence of where the bats have most likely been entering and exiting your home. Before using this method, you must ensure that there a no bats in your residence. When the coast is clear, use the netting and sealant to prevent any more bats from entering your home. Rock insulation also works to seal entry points for a while.


If you aren’t familiar with this method, phenol is short for phenolic acid and is an aromatic organic compound. Bats find the smell to be very unpleasant and causes them to flee the area immediately. White phenol, in particular, is the most effective for this use. Try using it in a spray bottle to spritz over the entire area where the bats have been hiding out.


Speaking of spray, aerosol repellents also work by saturating the area where the bats have been living in your home. If you’re concerned about harm to the bats, there’s no need to worry. Aerosol repellents don’t physically harm the bats but make the space unpleasant. You can also avoid spraying them directly.

Mylar Balloons

Probably the most unconventional method on this list but mylar balloons are a nuisance to bats. Ensure that there aren’t any bats left in your home, then immediately tie up some mylar balloons in the places where the bats had been hiding. With this method, you are mainly scaring the bats away. Go for the models that shine the most and be sure to keep the balloons filled with helium.  

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