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Can a Bat Colony Pose a Threat to Humans?

bat colonies

While most people have a fear of bats thanks to scary movies like Dracula, are bat colonies really dangerous to humans?

Now that animals are starting to emerge from hibernation and enjoy the spring weather, just like humans, some homeowners are stumbling upon bat colonies on their properties. While most people have a fear of bats thanks to scary movies like Dracula, are bat colonies really dangerous to humans?

Do Bats Hurt Humans?

Bats avoid humans as much as possible, since they are nocturnal and elusive. Many times, humans don’t even realize that they are sharing their property or home with a bat colony until they see a stray one confused during the daytime or nighttime. Bat colonies typically form in places that are safe from predators. They can squeeze into your home through roof edges, vents, roof valleys, gable ends, siding, and even chimneys.

Why Are Bats Harmful?

While bats won’t harm humans, they can harm your home if they are living inside of it. Bats can cause structural damage over time, especially if they are living near your utilities. Colonies can get so large that they might interfere with your utility lines or block water pumps. Bats also will make marks on the walls or siding where they squeeze out from their colony area. The rub marks typically occur as a result of their natural body oil, and they might discolor your siding if it is white or light in color.


Bat colonies also give off high pitched noises that might keep you up at night as they rustle and move around. Bat droppings and urine can be used as fertilizer, if their colony is in your yard, but their droppings and urine inside of your home are never a good thing. If you notice bat droppings and bat urine starting to accumulate in your home, make sure you call a humane removal service like Shumaker’s Animal Control to move them out of your home.

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