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Home Remedies That Will Get Rid Of Bats

Home Remedies That Will Get Rid Of Bats

Do not become roommates with a family of bats!

You either love them or you hate them. Bats are one of those species that are fascinating to some people, but extraordinary creepy to many others. If you are the kind of person that does not want bats in your house, there are some simple home remedies that can help accomplish that.

Moth Balls

Bats hate moth balls. Not only will they get the bats to leave your home, but they will also stop them from entering in the future. After you pick some of these up from the store, place them strategically around you home at places that may have bat activity.


Bat aerosol sprays can be found at pet stores. Simply spray the repellent around your home and watch your bat problem disappear.

Holiday Decorations

It may seem weird to put up Christmas decorations in the middle of summer, but bats hate shiny items. Place all of those glitter decorations in the bat infested areas of your home.


Not only do mirrors make your house appear bigger, but they also are great for repelling bats. This is because mirrors will reflect all of the light inside of your home. The bats will not be able to tolerate the excessive brightness and have no other choice but to leave.

Aluminum Foil

This method is extremely inexpensive but has shown to be highly effective. If you hang aluminum foil, the sound and light reflection will disturb the bats.


Everyone has cinnamon around the house. If you have an existing bat issue, throw some into the bat colony. The bats won’t be able to stand it and will hightail it out of your home.

Water Spraying

Although it may seem like a cruel option, it does not harm the bats at all. Find a longhouse pipe and give them a good spray during the day.

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