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How to Address Your Home’s Bat Problem

How to Address Your Home’s Bat Problem

Do you have a bat problem in your home? Shumaker Animal Control can help!

If you’ve identified a bat problem in your home, this could cause structural issues for your home and dangers to your family. Bats are seeking warm, dry places to stay, especially in the winter. They leave droppings in your insulation and damage walls, support beams, and flooring. Also, bat urine and guano are known causes of lung infections and could contaminate your water supply. Plus, rabies is a virus that you want to keep your family and friends protected from. Follow this guide for addressing your home’s bat problem.


After you’ve identified a bat problem in your home, conduct some research about the types of bats that are typically found in your area. You will usually be able to narrow down the type of bat you may be dealing with based on the region and climate in which you live.

Home Inspection

Inspect your home for possible entry points. Bats are known to be attracted to dark, enclosed, and warm spaces. Because it closely resembles their natural habitats, be sure to check your attic, chimney flute, basement, and crawlspace. Also, pay attention to any small cracks as bats have been known to squeeze into spaces as narrow as 3/8 of an inch.  

Bat Removal

An animal control service would be the safest way to address a bat problem in your home as they have the tools and equipment to keep themselves and your family safe at all times. It’s the most effective measure to take. In the meantime, you can create a disturbance that will drive the bats away. Add a light source and commotion in the areas that they are entering your home. You could also set up a bat box that will provide a more appropriate temporary dwelling for the bats on a tree outside of your home.


Make your home bat-proof by sealing off all possible entry points. Repair any cracks or other gaps that the bats were using for entry by applying new mortar, plaster, or shingles. Safely and carefully dispose of all remaining bat waste using a vacuum. Wear thick gloves, eye protection, and a face mask to scrub the areas until there is no trace of the bat waste left behind.  

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