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The Dangers of Bats

The Dangers of Bats

If you have a bat problem, call Shumaker Animal Control!

When bats roost in your home, they are a nuisance, to say the least. Unfortunately, bats love warm, dry places to roost for the winter, which makes your attic, chimney, or even the space behind the walls of your house, ideal for a bat colony to live. There are many reasons you should rid your home of bats as soon as possible: bats can be loud, especially at night when you’re trying to sleep, but they also cause structural damage to your home and health hazards for your children. Although you can try some home remedies for a bat infestation, an animal control professional will ensure that they’re removed safely and effectively from your home.

Damage to your Home

Bats can cause a plethora of damage to your home, both indoor and outdoor. A bat colony in your attic could mean bat droppings in the insulation which may lead to heat loss from your house. Meanwhile, urine damage to walls, support beams, and flooring can impact the structural integrity of your home. Moreover, for bats to get into your home, they have most likely caused some external damage by chewing into walls or wriggling their way through openings in your roof, through vents, or in soffits. Damage in these places can lead to other kinds of weather-related damage as well.

Health Issues

The most obvious and dangerous sign of a bat infestation in your home is urine and guano, or bat droppings. Breathing in guano and urine can cause a lung infection cause Histoplasmosis, which can be fatal if it spreads throughout the body. Bat guano and urine could also contaminate your water supply, depending on where they decide to roost, especially in homes with outdoor water collection. While many bats do not have rabies, it is certainly also a risk with a bat infestation, as bats can pass rabies to humans through contact with fur, guano, blood, or urine.

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