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What Kind of Wild Animals Pose the Highest Threat of Rabies?

What Kind of Wild Animals Pose the Highest Threat of Rabies?

There are all sorts of animals that could have rabies. Learn how you can protect yourself.

Summertime means fun in the sun, and unfortunately fun in the sun can mean being around dangerous wild animals in the woods. While not all animals lurking in the trees and in the bushes are known for carrying rabies, it’s important to know what to watch for before you head out. What kinds of animals are most likely to be carrying rabies and what can you do to protect your family?

What Animals Are Most Likely to Have Rabies?

The animals most commonly carrying rabies include:

  • Bats
  • Skunks
  • Foxes
  • Raccoons
  • Deer
  • Dogs, cattle, horses, cats, and other domestic animals that have been infected

How Can Animals or People Contract Rabies?

Mammals can contract rabies from animal bites or, in few cases, infected saliva getting into an opening in the body. If you are ever exposed to rabies or bitten by an animal you suspect might have rabies, go to the doctor immediately and report the bite to your local area health department. You will need to get a vaccination protocol immediately to treat the bite and stop rabies from affecting you.

How Can I Tell if an Animal Has Rabies?

There are several signs that an animal might have rabies, including:

  • An animal that is behaving very aggressively or very tame
  • Nocturnal animals that are out and about during the day
  • An animal that is weak, stumbling, or trembling
  • An animal that isn’t behaving normally (whether that means acting agitated, excited, or something else)

How Can I Protect My Family and My Pets?

The best way to protect your furry friends is through vaccination. Take the time to vaccinate all of your dogs, cats, ferrets, and mammalian pets with rabies vaccines. Any domestic mammal is able to get the virus, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Even livestock should be protected against rabies through vaccination.

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