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Why Are Bats Dangerous Creatures

Why Are Bats Dangerous Creatures

Not only are they creepy, but bats can be dangerous to humans in a number of ways!

Bats have a reputation of being sinister creatures, with their association with the afterlife, Halloween, and darkness in general. Although the reasons may be mostly fictional, we should take caution around bats for other, very real reasons. Animal control professionals are your best defense against bats in your home and will help you solve your problem in the safest and most humane way.

The Diseases They Carry

Bats don’t pose an immediate, physical threat, but they can be harmful to your health in many other ways. Rabies is probably the most commonly known disease transmitted by animals. However, you don’t have to be bitten to contract rabies; bats carry the viral disease in their saliva which could be transferred through the eyes, mouth, or open wounds. Bat droppings, called guano, can also be problematic. They can contaminate soil and cause infectious spores to be released into the air if the soil is disturbed by your dog or even during gardening. The most potentially dangerous disease directly linked to bats is called Histoplasmosis. It is a type of lung infection that could affect other organs as well. Although the symptoms of this disease do vary, it can be fatal if left untreated.  

Effects On Your Home

Seeing one bat inside or near your home just means that there are several more somewhere else. Bats are not lonely animals; they travel and live with groups. Seeing one bat near your home is a sign that there is a colony somewhere on your property. These colonies find their way into attics and basements through holes and even open windows. These colonies won’t pose a physical threat to your or your family but they can, however, cause some structural damage to your home. The bats are looking for shelter and are more than likely just as confused as you are about how they found their way into your home. After getting rid of the colony, check the status of your siding, chimney, and walls for any damage.

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