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Why Are Bats Flying Into My Home?!


You’ll also only tend to see bats at night.  This is what makes catching them a bit of a challenge.

It can be very alarming to walk upstairs into your attic, only to find a family of black bats staring at you from the rafters!  Bats are harmless to humans, and they actually become very important during spring, as they help pollinate plants.  You’ll also only tend to see them at night.  This is what makes catching them a bit of a challenge.  However, the first step is to find out why these pests are entering your home.  Let’s explore more about why bats will try to take shelter in your home.

Why Are They Here?


Bats are probably in your attic–or anywhere else in your house–because they’re looking for shelter.  Think about it.  Would you rather keep your family out in the cold, or cozied up inside the corner of a well-protected roof?  Bats are always going to make the choice that helps them survive.  However, they are meant to live outside.  Moving bats from your attic back to nature is not cruel; remember, they belong there!  They’re just confused.  That’s why it’s important to take humane action.


How Could They Enter?


Through holes, of course!  If your windows are open, obviously, that’s a dead giveaway.  There’s also the possibility that your roofing vents have enough room between the slots for which a bat could slip through.  But you could also have other small holes and imperfections in your walls and roof that would allow bats to enter.  Check the outside of your house for these holes.


What Are the Signs of Bats?


Guano is the most effective way to tell whether or not bats are taking residence in your home.  First of all, bat droppings are easy to spot using your nose!  But, also, it’s visible evidence that you can present to an animal control professional.  Make sure you show them any scratches, bundles of sticks and leaves, and any other signs that a wild animal has been in your attic.


Shumaker’s Animal Control can get rid of those bats in your attic today!


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