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We’re Humane: Why You Should Never Kill Bats


Bats are way more beneficial than harmful. Killing them can cause a lot of problems.

For a lot of people, bats go beyond being their pet peeve and end up terrifying them to no end.  This is especially true when bats find their way into homes, and nest there during the spring season.  Now that nesting season is over, though, you may find that some bats have taken up refuge in your home.  You should never try to harm these little guys–read on to find out why we should be protecting bats at all costs.

They’re important to the ecosystem.


Bats eat insects we think of as pests, such as mosquitoes and gnats.  They can protect our plants by eating ladybugs and other harmful insects–sometimes, on a good night, they can eat 2,000 bugs.  And while they’re acting as our plants’ knights, they’re also fertilizing them.  Bats have waste that provides plants with nutrition, much like cows.  Some bats even have the ability to pollinate!  Every bat that is killed hurts the environment.


They’re relatively harmless.


Though they can carry diseases that are harmful to humans (hence, why you should hire us to get rid of them for you), they pose no immediate threat.  They aren’t venomous.  Their teeth are usually too small to do any significant damage.  Contrary to vampire myths, bats don’t actually want to bite us at all.  In fact, they’re pretty terrified of us!  Swooping down and flapping their wings is a defense mechanism designed to scare us away.


They’re already being wiped out.


It’s illegal to kill a variety of bat species in the States.  But, in addition to their endangered status, they also are beginning to contract a fungal growth called Pseudogymnoascus Destructans.  It causes little spots of white fungi to grow on their nose, wings and other areas.  While it doesn’t make them sick, it does wake them up a little early from hibernation, and causes them to freeze or starve.  We really need to be protecting these vulnerable animals!


You can make the smell worse.


Yes, bat feces is probably how you noticed them in the first place.  And while you may be tempted to block off their access to the area they’ve settled into, think again.  If you happen to catch baby bats in the nest, you can kill them, and this leaves carcases to rot in your home.  Definitely rethink any unprofessional action you may be thinking of doing.


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