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How To Protect Your Plants From Deer

How To Protect Your Plants From Deer

Keep your plants safe from deer this fall!

Do you have a deer problem in your yard? Although they are gentle and beautiful creatures, they can be a real menace when it comes to your plants! It is a frustrating and disheartening when you spend several months caring for your gorgeous hostas only to have them taken out by a family deer. There is no reason why you should settle for this any longer! Here are some deer prevention tips that you can use to keep your plants safe from deer this fall!

Deer Resistant Plants

If you live in an area that has a high deer population and they are constantly strolling through your yard, you are probably best off choosing deer resistant plants for your yard. There are all sorts of beautiful plant species that deer can’t tolerate. They will not touch anything that is fragrant or fuzzy.


There are many different kinds deer repellants available today. It is a good idea to check out online reviews or speak with a professional before buying anything. Most people will opt for a spray concentrate. If you decide to go this route, be sure the product you choose is safe on all crops. It would completely defeat the purpose of the product you chose ends up killing your plants.

Physical Barriers

If you want to keep deer off your yard completely, you should definitely consider investing in some fencing around your property. You want to make sure that the fence is high enough that deer can’t jump over. If you decide you don’t want to put a fence around your yard or garden, you could also use plastic netting or chicken wire. By doing so, you still have a view of your plants and should be safe from deer.

Scare Them Away

Another great way to keep deer from wrecking havoc is to scare them off. There are products available nowadays that will scare away deer by making noise or spraying water when triggered. Both options won’t require much work from you and are highly effective.

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