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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Foxes From Your Property


Foxes are one of the most clever pests, which makes them difficult to get a handle on.

When it comes to animal control issues, foxes can be one of the most persistent and clever pests. This can make them quite difficult to get a handle on. Foxes are voracious omnivores who will eat just about anything. Turkeys, rabbits, kittens, and even small dogs are on the menu for the wily fox. Here are 5 ways to get started on effective ways to get started on fox removal and keep your pets, loved ones, and property safe.  

Make Your Property Undesirable To Foxes

There are numerous fox removal and repellent methods, but none of them will be successful as you would like unless some long term changes are made. Remove places where they could hide or build dens, such as high grass, unruly vegetation, wood piles, trash piles, and brush piles. Don’t feed birds or put any meat, dairy, or eggs in your compost pile.

Get An Electronic Fox Deterrent For Animal Control

There are a number of electric ultrasonic fox deterrents on the market. These largely have mixed reviews, so it is very important to do your research and make sure they have worked well for people in similar situations to yours before hand, with similar properties. However, it is important to keep in mind that this will not only be unpleasant for foxes but potentially for your and any nearby pets.  

Make Use Of Fox Repellents

In the old days, people would soak a rag in ammonia and toss it in the entrance of fox dens to get them to go away. Today, we do a little better. There are a number of chemical repellents which are useful. If you have a cat, you can also sprinkle used kitty litter around a fox den for fox removal.  

Scare Them

Foxes like secure and quiet darkness. If you take this from them they will most likely leave your property. Motion sensitive alarms and lights that go off when they come by will help to do the trick. They also don’t like the sound of human voices, so setting up a radio on talk radio and letting it run near their den will definitely put them on edge.

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