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How to Keep Foxes Off Your Property

How to Keep Foxes Off Your Property

Keep foxes off your property with these tips!

You would think that you’re most likely to find foxes in wooded areas like forests, farms, and other suburban areas. However, there are many reasons why foxes are finding homes in cities and other urban environments. Seeking food, shelter, and distance from their predators — coyotes— foxes have been spotted more commonly in cities and around homes. Although many people find them beautiful and exciting to see, they do pose a threat in many ways to your property and safety. Aside from the threat of carrying rabies, foxes pose a threat to your small kittens and puppies as well as your garbage, and compost. Here are the ways you can keep foxes off your property.

Remove the Appeal

When it comes to animal control, your goal is to make your property as unappealing to animals as possible. You can do this by taking away their shelter and food sources. Be sure to keep your lawn manicured and neatly maintained. This will ensure that foxes don’t have any hiding places on your property. You’ll also need to secure your garbage receptacles so that the foxes won’t be able to access your garbage to eat any food scraps that they’ll find. In addition, if you have fruit trees on your land, remember to regularly pick up the fallen fruit to keep them away from the foxes. Keep dog and cat food inside, and you’ll even probably have to stop feeding the birds.

Disrupt the Peace

Foxes enjoy calm and quiet environments with solitude and darkness. You can disrupt the peace by installing security lights and motion sensor alarms. Direct your security lights in areas where the foxes are likely looking for shelter, including your shed or even under your porch. Motion sensor alarms will scare off the foxes and other animals that come onto your property by setting off a sound that will disturb and scare them away.

Use Repellents

Your local hardware or gardening store probably carries a version of fox repellent. The repellents consist of some combination of ammonium, citronella, capsicum, or methyl nonyl ketone. In an emergency, you can also soak an old rag with ammonia and place it near the entrance of your shed or other location where the foxes are seeking shelter and food.  

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