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What You Should Know About Foxes

What You Should Know About Foxes

Keep foxes off your property with these tips!

We all love to have certain animals in and around our homes. Whether you are a dog or a cat lover, or maybe are more into reptiles, there is a pet out there for everyone. Wild animals, on the other hand, we would much rather keep away from our homes. With so many of their homes being torn down for construction, animal removal is becoming more difficult. One of the more common animals to see strolling across your yard are foxes. These animals are cute from a distance, but you do not want to get too close. Here’s what you should know about foxes and how to keep them out of your yard.

What Do They Want?

Foxes have a reputation for being sneaky and conniving, but they probably do not want to interact with you more than you want to interact with them. Unlike mice or squirrels, they are not at all likely to try and get inside of your home, so you don’t have to worry about receiving an unwanted pet. However, they will rummage through your trash cans to look for food which can cause quite a mess in your yard. They also hunt small animals so be careful if you have any pets that roam around outside such as an outdoor cat or a dog that stays in a doghouse in your yard. While they will prey on small animals, they are not very likely to attack humans. Aside from this, foxes also make a really loud sound when in search of a mate which can prevent you from sleeping as well as you’d like.

How To Keep Them Away?

You should always use nonviolent methods when trying to keep wild animals off of your yard. After all, we did technically invade their homes first. You can purchase fox repellents that emit a high-frequency noise which will help with animal removal. It is based on a motion sensor so anytime an animal comes within a certain distance of the device, the noise will sound. Luckily for us, we typically can’t hear the sound because of how high the frequency is so you do not have to worry about it waking you up when it sounds. The only downside to this method is that if you have any pets, it could scare them as well.

Another fox repellent is one that produces an odor that keeps them away. It produces a smell that makes the foxes think other animals have already marked their territory in that area. This is a very simple solution and only requires you to spray down your yard area. Since this type of repellent is water based, you will want to re-spray it about once a month because the elements will eventually wash it away. If you don’t want to buy your own repellent, you can also make one with select herbal recipes. These can easily be found online and provide a cheaper alternative to a store-bought repellent.

Still Seeing Pests In Your Yard?

Animal removal is a difficult task, but luckily Shumaker’s Animal Control has over 25 years of experience in the animal and pest control field. Whatever your problem, we can help remedy the situation and restore your home (or yard) back to normal. Give us a call at (443) 854-8072 or contact us online today to see how we can help you! For more information on household and neighborhood pests and how to protect your family, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

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