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A Brief Overview On Groundhogs

A Brief Overview On Groundhogs

Groundhogs are one of the best examples of hibernators, as they go into a deep sleep from October until the beginning of spring.

Do you have a groundhog residing in your property? Although they are harmless creatures, they can still cause property damage. It is in your best interest to keep groundhogs away from your yard. Most people know very little about these furry creatures. For example, did you know that groundhogs are members of the squirrel family? Here are a few more things you may not have known about groundhogs!


Groundhogs are most active in the early mornings and the early evenings. During these times, groundhogs will come out of their burrows in search of food. Groundhogs are one of the best examples of hibernators, as they go into a deep sleep from October until the beginning of spring. Groundhogs have long claws that allow them to dig large burrows that they utilize for hibernating, storing food, and nesting. These critters are not very sociable, as they only look for other groundhogs when trying to mate. Groundhogs communicate with each other by using high-pitched shrills.


Groundhogs mate during the early spring season. After groundhogs come out of hibernation, the mothers can give birth to up to 4 kits at a time. The newborns will stay with the mother for a few weeks before venturing off by themselves.


Groundhogs are considered to be herbivores; however, they will consume insects during the summer months to increase their fat reserves to prepare their bodies for hibernation. During other parts of the year, they consume loads of vegetation such as apples, dandelions, bark, garden vegetables, and flowers on a daily basis.


Did you know that groundhogs are skilled climbers and swimmers? Groundhogs have more ways to escape predators other than just waddling away. Most people are unaware that groundhogs work to protect one another by making their high-pitched shrills when there are imminent threats.

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