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Do You Need Groundhog Control in Maryland?

groundhog control

If a groundhog is wreaking havoc on your property, do not try to trap it yourself! Do you want those chompers biting you?

It’s springtime, do you know what that means? Groundhogs are out of hibernation! Groundhogs in Maryland are commonly on the hunt for food. They are excellent burrowers known to use burrows for sleeping, rearing young, and hibernating. Their burrows are elaborate, usually having between two to five entrances that allow them to successfully escape from predators.

Has a groundhog found its way into your home? Is it wreaking havoc on your garden? If you are in need of groundhog control or removal in Maryland, Shumaker’s Animal Control can help. In the meantime, let us fill you in on some more information about groundhogs.

Where Do Groundhogs Live?

As we mentioned, groundhogs love to burrow. Groundhogs prefer to live in open country areas that are nearby edges of woodland. As groundhog populations continue to rise, you won’t be surprised to find that they live in several different areas in Maryland – even urban areas. They are territorial and feel incredibly vulnerable when their burrows are invaded. Groundhogs will do their best to protect their burrows by showing their two large incisors and front claws in an attempt to ward off the predator.

What Do Groundhogs Eat?

The diet of a groundhog usually consists of wild grasses and other vegetation like berries and agricultural crops when they are in season. They also eat grubs, grasshoppers, insects, snails, and other small animals.

How Do I Get Rid of a Groundhog?

If a groundhog found its way into your home or you worry that its burrow near your home may be disrupting the structure of your foundation, you should work to get it removed. We advise that you never attempt to capture a groundhog without professional help, as you may get injured. At Shumaker’s Animal Control, we can safely and humanely trap the groundhog and relocate it to an ideal wildlife location.

In Need of Groundhog Control? We Can Help!

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