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Everything You Should Know About Catching A Groundhog

Everything You Should Know About Catching A Groundhog

Address your groundhog problem today!

Groundhogs can be some of peskiest critters on the face of the planet! They are like that annoying neighbor that won’t leave you alone. Most homeowners are annoyed when they realize they have a ground problem in their yard. Although they are not vicious animals, they still pose a safety risk. This is especially true if you have young children are pets. If you discover you a groundhog residing in your yard, here is what you need to know about catching these furry creatures!

What Kind Of Bait Should I Use?

Believe it or not, there is not a right or wrong answer to this question. This is because not all groundhogs have the same taste preferences. However, some vegetables that have been proven effective when it comes to catching groundhogs include lettuce, peas, corn, and string beans. In terms of fruits, strawberries, peaches, and cantaloupe generally do the trick as well!

Do I Need To Use Bait?

Some people will argue that it is not necessary to use bait for a groundhog trap. Although there is some truth behind this, bait can only help your chances of catching the animal. Groundhogs are exceptionally sensitive to smell and bait does a good job at luring these critters into your trap. Therefore, your best bet is to sacrifice some fruit or vegetable from your kitchen to increase your chances of success!

Where Should I Place My Trap?

When it comes to catching a groundhog, trap placement is by far the most important consideration. You will want to set the trap approximately six feet away from ground hog’s entry hole to the burrow. If have multiple entry points, you may want to consider renting a few traps to ensure you catch the animal as quickly as possible. Groundhogs are smarter than most people realize. Try and disguise the trap if you can with some vegetation such as a fallen tree branch or some leaves. You also want to wash down the traps to remove any human scent before you set them.

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