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How Much Can a Groundhog Really Damage Your Property?

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You might not notice you have a groundhog chewing away at your garden until it’s too late.

Groundhogs, otherwise known as woodchucks, don’t actually eat any wood at all.  They’re like every other herbivore we interact with within Maryland’s ecosystem–groundhogs thrive off of green stuff.  They hibernate, too; you might not notice you have a groundhog chewing away at your garden until it’s too late, and the little guy has eaten all of your prized carrots.  Groundhogs can do a surprising amount of damage–read on to find out just how much.



Groundhogs burrow under the ground for several reasons.  A main factor is that they tend to hibernate here over the winter.  They can also create complicated burrow tunnels that can span your entire yard.  This can cause major structural issues.  The many holes that litter your property can cause safety hazards, but can also cause damage to lawn care equipment or farming equipment.  For the most part, once a groundhog is humanely removed from the property, the burrows can be boarded up and will eventually fill in with sediment.


Health Risks


Rabies is no stranger to groundhogs, as is the same with many other animals that live within your property.  However, because groundhogs can stay in the same burrow for years, their permanence may affect how likely you are to be exposed to the deadly disease.  When rabid, groundhogs will attack, and could potentially harm pets if they are out and about on their own.




Groundhogs are also very territorial.  They tend to protect their burrows with their life, and will not be afraid to attack if they feel a burrow is threatened.  They have two large incisors, and sharp front claws; they can’t cause any serious injury, but no one wants to be mauled by a gopher.  To children or pets, these guys can end up doing real harm.  And because the burrows will be everywhere around your property, they’re hard to avoid trespassing upon.  


Call Shumaker’s Animal Control today so you can get that groundhog problem fixed.


If you aren’t sure where to start with your groundhog invasion, and you want them humanely removed and relocated, contact us.  We’re sure to get those groundhogs off of your property without any hassle, and you won’t be required to do a thing.

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