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How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs From Your Property

How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs From Your Property

Don’t let ground hogs become your pets!

Are groundhogs plaguing your property? These furry creatures cause many homeowners headaches every day. They are like that pesky neighbor that won’t leave you alone. Before you know it, you almost consider them to be your roommate. The good news is that are actually several ways that you can get rid of these critters before you need to start charging them rent. Here are some tips on how you can get them to leave.

Identify Problem Areas

Your first step in the groundhog removal process should be identifying where they like to go. Once you are able to determine where they are frequently inhabiting, you can come up with a plan to address the issue. You should also scan your property for groundhog burrows. They are commonly found under various forms of vegetation.

Do Not Give Them Reason To Come

If possible, you should try to eliminate anything that could be attracting ground hogs to your property. If you grow food in your garden try to collect it as soon as possible. Also, try to eliminate any space they could possibly inhabit. This could mean filling holes with gravel or blocking off entranceways under your deck and house.

Choose An Animal Control Method

There are all sorts of groundhog control methods on the market today. Arguably the easiest method is thoroughly spraying your property with a repellant. The groundhog will not be able to tolerate the taste or the smell. The next option would be installing a sturdy fencing. These animals are surprisingly good climbers; however, a properly installed fence may just be what your yard needs. The final option is a live groundhog trap. Many people do not like to go this route because they do not want to deal with the animal once it is trapped in the cage.

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