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How To Keep Groundhogs Off Your Property

How To Keep Groundhogs Off Your Property

Keep these pesky creatures off your yard this winter!

Do you have a groundhog residing on your property? Groundhogs are not exactly good friends to homeowners. They may look like harmless creatures; however, your opinion of them may change when one takes over property and starts wreaking havoc. Groundhogs love burrowing under areas like decks and sheds. Not only can cause structural damage but they can also become a safety hazard if you have pets or small children. Your best it to keep them off your yard at all costs. Here are some tips for keeping your property groundhog-free!

Determine Problem Areas

If you are experiencing a groundhog problem on your property, you should take careful note of the problem areas. You may be able to determine some tendencies through your observations. For example, you may discover you are finding burrows in the same general area on your lawn. This may be because there is a particular crop/vegetation they find appealing. Once you determine the cause of your groundhog problem, you can address it accordingly.

Remove All Possible Attractants

There are two significant reasons why a groundhog will choose to live in your yard: shelter and food. If you want to prevent groundhogs from making their way into your yard, you have to make it a less attractive for these pesky critters. One of the best ways to do this is to remove anything that could be used as a shelter. This means removing any debris, wood, and trim plants that could provide cover for these animals. You will also want to fill any holes or gaps that could occur as burrows with dirt or gravel. Groundhog are commonly found at the base of decks.


There are a few routes you can take in terms of trapping. Many experts agree that live trapping is the most effective method of catching a groundhog. It is also a humane method that shouldn’t cause harm to the animal. Once you trap it, put on a thick pair of gloves and relocate the animal to a safe distance away from your home.

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