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How to Repel Groundhogs in Your Yard This Spring


Now that spring is almost upon us, one of the most disruptive pests that will affect you is the groundhog. Groundhogs can cause serious damage to your yard and landscape.

Now that spring is almost upon us, one of the most disruptive pests that will affect you is the groundhog.  They’re quite common in Maryland, particularly in the Kingsville area.  Groundhogs can cause serious damage to your yard and landscape, and may end up ruining your spring garden.  It’s important to know how to prevent these creatures from invading your space.  Read on to find out how you can do this.

Learn Their Habits


Sometimes, groundhogs can also be completely harmless if they simply search your yard for food. So, before you take action, determine if they’re actually causing damage.  Groundhog holes are entrances to their burrows, and can cause safety issues if you run the risk of stepping into one while doing yardwork.  This can also ruin the structure of your lawn.  They’ll chew through wooden fences, eat plants in your garden, or chew through electrical wire.  If you notice a lot of burrow holes in your yard, it’s a sure sign that they’re the culprits for the damage.


Reduce the Temptation


If you are experiencing a groundhog problem, try to remove whatever is attracting them.  For example, harvest your crops as soon as you can, without leaving them out for the taking.  Removing debris can take away their hiding places, which may deter them from making a home in your yard.  But, whatever you do, do not fill in the burrow holes.  This can suffocate babies, or it can harm the groundhogs.  We do not endorse any kind of inhumane animal control.


Call a Professional


The best way to get groundhogs away from your property is to call an animal removal professional.  We know exactly how to humanely and safely remove pests.  We’ll make sure they don’t return, so you never have to worry about your yard being compromised by groundhogs ever again.  


Solve your groundhog problem today with Shumaker!


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