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How Do Animals Get into Homes?

Tails of rats on a wooden table.

If you have suffered from household pests before, you know that half of the battle is figuring out ways to prevent them from ever entering your home in the first place.

If you have suffered from household pests (whether they were bugs or animals) before, you know that half of the battle is figuring out ways to prevent them from ever entering your home in the first place. How do animals get into your home and how can you prevent ever needing to call Shumaker’s Animal Control for animal removal?

Why Are Animals Trying to Get In?

Especially as the cold sets in outside, animals are looking for warm places to stay and live. Wild animals can live almost anywhere in your house including the basement, the attic, or even the walls of your home. Animals want a safe place that provides shelter, warmth, and protection from the elements to raise their family—just like you.

How Do Wild Animals Get into Homes?

Animals, depending on their size, can use a variety of methods to get inside of your home. Here are some of the most common animals that people need removed and how they make it inside of your home:

  • Mice get into your home through very tiny openings in floors, walls, doors, or foundations. They are very difficult to get rid of because they are so small and so good at reproducing! Many times you won’t even know that mice are inside of your home until you see their droppings or other signs of their presence.
  • Squirrels are bigger than mice, so they can’t fit through the same tiny holes. Squirrels are infamous for residing in attics that they enter through unsealed or unscreened vents, holes made by other animals, or holes that they create on their own.
  • Raccoons are also typically attic-dwellers. Many homeowners do not secure soffits to their roofs, leaving entrances and perfect homes for raccoons.
  • Snakes can get into your home surprisingly easily thanks to their slithering thin shape! They enter through gaps or cracks in your home.

Have an Animal Inside of Your Home That Shouldn’t Be There? Give Us a Call!

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