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4 Easy Tips for Keeping Mice Away from Your Home in Late Summer

4 Easy Tips for Keeping Mice Away from Your Home in Late Summer

Prevention is key for keeping these rodents away from your home and out in nature where they belong.

While mice can often be problematic throughout the year, it is important to remember that your house may be vulnerable in an infestation in any season. For mice specifically, prevention is key for keeping these rodents away from your home and out in nature where they belong. To prevent the presence of these tiny issues from evolving into a much larger problem for your home, consider these four easy tips for keeping mice away from your property during these last weeks of summer.

Seal Off Any Potential Entry Points

One of the best ways to prevent mice from visiting your home is to ensure that there is almost no possible way for them to get in. Regularly inspect various parts of your home to ensure that there are no potential entryways for these little rodents. If you notice any openings in doorways or windows, as well as cracks or holes in the foundation of your home, it is critical to seal these entryways up to prevent mice from making a home out of your living area.

Ensure That Your Home is Clean and Organized

Although keeping your house clean may not actively prevent mice, failing to maintain a clean home may welcome them if clutter and trash get out of hand. Simple weekly cleaning, such as taking the garbage out, throwing away old food in the pantry, and vacuuming are crucial for preventing mice from running around your home in the coming weeks.

Keep Food in Sealed Containers

Avoid unwelcome critters in your home by sealing off any potential meals for them in your kitchen. Cereal, crackers, and cookies left open in boxes may serve as the perfect bait for a hungry family of mice making their way into your home this summer. Invest in sealed containers to store your food safely and keep your kitchen sanitary throughout the year.

Remove Pet Food from the Floor During Non-Feeding Times

While you may think that your cat or dog serves as a natural deterrent against mice in your home, leaving pet food on the floor in bowls can also lure them into your kitchen. During non-feeding times for your pets, remove food bowls of dry food from the floor until the next feeding time to avoid providing another source of food for unwanted mice in your living space.

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