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Mouse in the House? Rodent Control in 2016

Rats are common pests

The most common sign is urine or feces in areas where rats like to congregate – basement storage, pantries, and garages are the most frequently seen places.

As the new year approaches, many people start thinking of positive resolutions and bad habits they can put behind them. As you get your mind and body ready for 2016, be sure not to neglect your home. As temperatures finally start to drop, mice and other animals will be searching harder for a way into your warm home. Don’t ring in 2016 with a mouse in the house! Learn more about mice and rodent control. 

Where Do Mice Live?

Commonly, mice prefer residential settings in the US and other parts of the world. They can adapt to normal neighborhoods and trash alleys (common in cities) as well as developed pastures and farm fields. They construct nests out of shredded materials like paper, cardboard and carpet. They nestle themselves inside of their nest or in the ground. These tiny shreds resemble a ball when woven together and are usually 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Mice are talented jumpers, swimmers and climbers. They are fast and can fit through tiny crevices, meaning they can make a home in several places inside and outside of your home.



House mice prefer to eat seeds and grain, but won’t hesitate to try and eat whatever food is available in their environment. They also like foods high in fat, protein and sugar (like bacon and butter). Surprisingly, the water found in the foods they eat is enough to keep them alive without searching for free water.



If mice find their way inside your home, they are leaving their droppings everywhere they go. Sometimes finding the droppings is your first indication that there is a mouse in your home, other times the droppings may be hiding in places out of sight. Mouse droppings can contaminate food and spread disease, making it dangerous for humans to come in contact with. Mice or their parasites can transmit salmonellosis (food poisoning), rickett-sialpox and lymphocytic choriomeningitis to humans. Mice also destroy furniture, carpet, walls and electrical wires which could assist in starting a fire.


In Need of Rodent Control? We Can Help!

Call Shumaker Animal Control today. Shumaker Animal Control is a twenty-five-year veteran of the animal and pest control profession. We are the  Kingsville rodent control experts and can help you return your house to a cozy pest-free home. If you have any questions about raccoon removal or other rodent control, contact Shumaker Animal Control by calling (443) 854-8072 or click here today! You can also follow us at our Facebook,  Google+,  Twitter,  Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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