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How to Keep Mice Out of Your Garage

How to Keep Mice Out of Your Garage

Keep mice out of your garage this summer.

Your garage probably isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to home maintenance. Though, if left unattended you may find it’s become a savory secret location for mice and other pests. Making your garage as inhospitable as possible to rodents and other pests can protect your home’s structural integrity and safeguard your health. It can also ensure that your belongings and structure stays free of gnaw marks, stains, and burrowing damage. Concern from health organizations continues to mount over the use of pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals as a viable method of pest control. Home owners, however, can rest easy knowing that there are dozens of ways to protect their belongings using natural pest repellent techniques.

Mice Prevention

Mice can squeeze through tiny holes to enter a garage or home. Fill any holes larger than a quarter inch with a material that won’t rust quickly and mice can’t chew their way through. Mice can chew through caulk and foam, so go for something stronger. Remember, mice can climb virtually anywhere, including straight up a wall, so a thorough inspection of any holes or openings in your garage is necessary. Another favorite entrance for mice is the bottom of your garage door. At the base of this door you will find weather stripping, if you notice any damages to this or feel realize it’s a weaker material, then it is advised to replace this area with stronger material to deter the threat of rodents.

Other Useful Tips

  • Keep your lawn trimmed and bushes and overhanging trees away from the house as much as possible.
  • Discard any food or water sources in the garage, a huge attraction for mice. If there’s no other place to leave these then purchase rodent-proof bags.
  • The use of mothballs and peppermint oil can be very effective in the prevention of mice. Rodents despise the smell so the placing of mothballs in containers or, leaving peppermint oil on possible entrances for mice will indeed help eliminate the threat of infestation.

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