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How to Mouse-Proof Your Home

How to Mouse-Proof Your Home

Do you have a mouse problem? Shumaker Animal Control can help!

Having a mouse problem in your home can cause a lot of grief. Not only that, but the presence of mice also comes with droppings, damage to your home, and ruining your food. With that said, keep mice out of your home this spring season!


Proper animal control is a multi-step process that starts with inspecting your home. A home inspection will give you a good idea of where the mice are entering, which then gives you the ability to address those issues. Repair any cracks smaller than two inches. Bigger holes can be filled with copper mesh or black foam. Also, be sure to check all doors, door frames, windows, and window frames for any damage and vulnerable spots. You may need to consider replacing your weather stripping and any damaged screens.


One of the best tips for mouse-proofing your home is to check its surroundings. For example, if you have trees, make sure they are properly pruned and maintained so that no branches touch or hang over your house. Mice could use the branches as a gateway to and into your home. Also, keep your grass neatly cut as rodents are always looking for places to hide. From the trees, you should also inspect your roof for possible entry points. It’s an often-overlooked element to consider as people don’t usually think of the roof in rodent conversations, but there will also be places in your attic and around your chimney that should be sealed to help avoid those unwanted guests.

Piping System

Another system that mice will use as a vehicle to gain access to your home is with your pipes. Rodents will use the pipes that run vertically up to and from your home for entry. It may be beneficial to invest in metal rodent guards that fit around the pipes. Another option is to paint a 12-inch band of high-gloss, clear paint about three feet from the ground to prevent the mice from crawling up the pipes.  

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