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The Hazards of Having Rodents in Your Home


Even if you don’t cower in fear at the sight of a mouse on your floor, there’s still a very real danger that comes with rodents in your home.

Not everyone is adverse to rodents.  Some people even keep mice and rats as pets, while others see them as pests.  But domesticated pet rodents are not the same as wild rodents that invade your home.  Even if you don’t cower in fear at the sight of a mouse on your floor, there’s still a very real danger that comes with rodents in your home.  Don’t believe us?  Here are some of the biggest dangers that come with rodents dwelling within your walls and floors.


This is probably the most well-known problem that follows rodent infestation.  Mice and rats are known carriers of many diseases, from salmonella to the bubonic plague (yes, it’s still around).  Even if they don’t physically bite you, mice and rats can get into your food and spread their diseases over your kitchen surfaces.  This is a very dangerous situation, especially if you have elderly residents or children.


Trace amounts of rodent urine can be found in 82% of homes, and a lot of people are very allergic to it.  Congestion and irritated eyes are one thing–but if your allergies are intense and have deadly side effects, this isn’t something to sneeze at.  A rodent infestation, in this case, can be literally life-threatening.  And you don’t want to find out that you’re allergic the hard way by keeping this problem untreated.

Home Damage

Finally, rodents can do a good amount of damage on your home when you leave them unchecked.  As temperatures drop, these critters find solace and safety in your walls.  With this in mind, they will chew through just about anything; walls, wires, floorboards and more.  There’s also a chance that the rodent in question will die somewhere inaccessible to you.  This can create an unpleasant odor, attract disease, and might become a magnet for bugs and even more rodents.

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