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Possum Control: What You Need to Know

Possum Control: What You Need to Know

Don’t let possums overtake your property!

Animal control is often a system of measures that work together to keep the animals off your property. When it comes to possum control, you’ll have to understand what’s attracting them to your property and how to keep them away. Here is what you need to know about possum control! 

Possum Habits

For success at controlling the possum visitors that have been spending too much time on your property, you should understand some of their habits. They prefer wooded areas or even open fields if there is a stream nearby. If you have any of the following structures on your property, it’s likely that the possums have taken up residence there: abandoned burrows, crevices in trees, brush piles, spaces below the steps, decks, or other sheds. If you’re wondering why you don’t usually see them during the day, it’s because possums are typically nocturnal creatures. The signs that they leave include turned over garbage cans, plants, and pet food dishes, in addition to droppings and tracks.


There are all types of possum repellent sprays on the market, which work to induce fear in the animal or affect one of their senses. They come in the form of liquids, sprays, or even granular repellents. People have also found castor oil, garlic, and capsaicin to be effective at dealing with possums. There are also motion-activated sprinkler systems and lights that frighten them off.


If you’re opposed to using repellents, there are also traps for possums; you just have to ensure that you’re working with a licensed wildlife expert who can remove and relocate the animal once you’ve trapped it. It’s a fairly simple process to create or purchase a cage. They should be set along any trails around your property and other travel routes. Use ripe melons, grapes, or bananas to bate them with.


Woven wire or electric fencing are both fence solutions to your possum problem. For the best defense, they should be at least four feet high. A top foot should be facing outward, away from your garden or yard to ensure that the possums can’t climb over.  

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