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Tips for Removing Possums from Your Property

Tips for Removing Possums from Your Property

Don’t let possums overtake your property!

Possums are not the most dangerous and destructive creature you’ll spot in your yard, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. Possums are typically 4-15 lbs. in size and play “possum,” or, mimic a dead animal, when they feel threatened. This makes them particularly distressing for homeowners, who can’t tell whether or not a possum is actually sick or just trying to be left alone. If you have possums on your property you want to get rid of, here’s where you should start.

Remove Enticing Elements

Like raccoons, possums are looking for a quick meal and shelter. They are very resourceful and not picky eaters, so they will eat any plant or animal matter that is readily available. Possums will also find shelter wherever possible, whether that means an attic or a brush pile. It can take humane animal control services to get them out sometimes!

When preventing possums from entering your property:

  • Pick up fruit and bird seed from your yard
  • Never feed your pets outside
  • Thoroughly clean grills after using them
  • Place all garbage and compost waste in trash cans with tight, animal-proof lids
  • Remove any woodpiles or logs where opossums can find shelter

Remove Entrances

Most of the damage caused by possums happens when they can get inside of your home or barn. Once they take up residence, they will excrete waste, destroy insulation, eat whatever food is available, and be bad house guests. Taking away any potential entrances to your home is essential. Trim any tree branches that hang within 10 feet of your roof, as possums are excellent tree climbers. Close off any entrances to basements, garages, barns, etc. Fix any broken screens or vents that could be used by possums to gain access to your home.

Pick the Right Removal Method

If there is a possum inside of your home that shouldn’t be there, you need to choose the right control method for the job. To get rid of a possum, you can:

  • Call humane animal control from Shumaker’s Animal Control
  • Use a live possum trap
  • Purchase and use an electronic possum repellent
  • Install new fencing to block out possums

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