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How to Keep your Pets Safe from Pests

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Keep your pets safe with these tips!

Pets of all sorts are very important to you. A dog or cat can be a valued member of the family. So, as critters and pests begin to wake from their hibernation, you might want to start thinking about how you can ensure the safety of your pets. Critters like rats and mice can carry diseases or bugs, so let’s take a look at some of the ways you can reinforce the safety of your animals this spring.

Install a fence.

Having a fence around your property may put your mind at ease. A fence without small holes, a privacy fence, will deter some animals from getting into your yard. Larger animals that do not climb very well will not be able to get past the large obstacle. Another benefit to having a fence is that you will be able to tell when one of the digging type critters gets into your yard. You’ll see the hole and know right away that a little animal has invaded. Now, installing a fence may not be foolproof, but it will certainly help.

Keep food out of your backyard.

The single most enticing thing to animals is food. Leaving food outside is going to get you into trouble with critters sooner or later, so make sure to keep it to a minimum. Cover your trashcans and secure their lids. Inspect them periodically for any nibble marks around the bottom just in case. Rats are known to chew their way through plastic if they’re determined to get to the food beyond it.

Monitor your pets.

Keep an eye on any new marks on your pets if they go outside. Check them for ticks and for bite marks periodically. The faster you catch a bad bite, the faster you can take your pet to the vet. If you have a dog that goes outside, try and keep an eye on them. Listen for any sounds of a struggle or distress from your dog if you have to leave them alone. Your dog needs you to help keep them safe, so be there for them. If you have a cat that goes outside sometimes, you need to check them every time they come back in. Look for marks or bugs and see a vet promptly if you think there is a problem.

Keep your pets safe!

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