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How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Trash

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Trash

Shield your trash from these pesky critters!

Maintaining a neat and orderly appearance, particularly on the outside of your property, is important to most homeowners. One area that usually presents a challenge is where you keep your trash receptacles. Raccoons are one species that don’t keep their hands to themselves. Here are some tips that will help you live more harmoniously with these animals around your property.  

Create a Barrier

If animal control is a problem that you’re facing, a major key to maintaining the tidy appearance around your home is creating a barrier between your trash and the animals. Raccoons are creatures of opportunity, and if you focus on eliminating the chance, then the raccoons will move along. Horizontal outdoor sheds create an obstacle that raccoons and other animals would have to navigate to get to your trash.    

Heavy Duty Trash Cans

Large, heavy-duty trash cans are harder for small animals to knock over. They are made with stronger materials that raccoons would also find trying to claw through. Also, lids with locking mechanisms that animals can’t operate would also thwart animal intervention. Even if raccoons did manage to knock over the trash can, the locks would prevent them from being opened. Other forms of straps or bungee cords for the lids operate in the same way, in place of locks.   

Hide the Smells

A large part of animal control is outwitting the animals around your property. Hiding smells, or placing smells around your home that raccoons don’t like will make your trash cans unappealing to wildlife. Strong odors, including mint, garlic, and vinegar will not only mask the odor of your garbage but repel raccoons as well.

Create a System

Another way to outwit the animals near your property is to stick to a routine. On trash day, always remember to set your trash cans back up inside your horizontal shed, or with your locks and lid straps reattached. Effective animal control requires maintaining a system. Don’t give raccoons and other animals a chance to catch you off your game.  

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