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Raccoon Control Tips

Raccoon Control Tips

Don’t let that raccoon of yours become a tenant in your home.

Raccoons are a common problem for homeowners across the country. Raccoons like to come indoors and turn basements and attics into their new homes. Groups of raccoons can often contaminate areas with roundworms and other harmful diseases. With all this said, here are some Raccoon control tips to keep them out of your home.

Scare Them Away

There a couple ways to frighten raccoons that will get you a few days of reprieve from their presence. Raccoons dislike the scent of bone meal and blood meal as well as scarecrows, sprinklers, and flags waving. Raccoons may not return to your lawn for a couple days if you set up a lighted motion detector that sets of loud music or something similar.  You may also want to consider getting an electric fence if you are that concerned. All of these are temporary solutions, and shouldn’t be thought of or used as permanent options.

Just Say No

Controlling raccoons can be difficult, but one of the best things you can do is not feed them. Stop giving an excuse for raccoons to occupy your lawn by bringing in dog or cat food from dusk till dawn, make sure trash cans are completely covered with proper lids and try to keep them off the ground if possible. You can also go so far as picking up fallen fruit or nuts from your trees.

Avoid Using Your Pets

If you plan on using your dog as a raccoon deterrent, remember, depending on the type of dog you let out, a raccoon can be just as likely to mess with your dog. There are certain breeds of dog specifically for hunting raccoons but raccoons aren’t generally scared or startled by dogs.

Think Before You Trap

While you may think that trapping a raccoon may be the best solution, you may want to rethink that. Almost all methods of trapping this critter will end up requiring you to deal with a live animal later on. If you get a trap big enough to kill a raccoon, you may also run the risk of killing dogs and cats as well making it less desirable. Consider no kill traps if you think this is your best option, as it requires skill to release the animal.

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