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Where Do Raccoons Go When They Are Relocated?


Raccoons are not dangerous (unless they have rabies, or are carrying deadly diseases) and usually just dig through your trash can. Regardless, they should still be removed.

At Shumaker’s, we dedicate our lives to humanely removing animals and pests from your home.  It’s not uncommon for other animal removal companies to euthanize pesky animals on the spots–and, in some states, it’s even required once the animal is captured.  One of the most recognized pests nationwide is the raccoon.  Raccoons are not dangerous (unless they have rabies, or are carrying deadly diseases) and usually just dig through your trash can.  Regardless, they should still be removed.  So, what happens after a raccoon is caught?  Read on to find out.

Why Relocate?


You may be wondering why raccoons need relocating in the first place–after all, aren’t they just following their natural instincts?  Perhaps you aren’t necessarily bothered by a messy trash can now and then.  However, raccoons can cause more damage than you think.  If you find one in your home, for instance, it’s more than likely the raccoon is a female.  That means somewhere in your home, there is a litter of baby raccoons!  It is believed that, because their habitats are so frequently destroyed by human production, raccoons thrive in residential areas.  This is partially why relocation is so important.  An abandoned litter will die without their mother, and not only is this cruel, but it will cause a terrible, foul odor to take over your residence.


Where to Relocate?


Where do we relocate raccoons?  Well, it depends on many factors.  The first is whether or not there is an area nearby that can provide better for them than your residential area.  Raccoons thrive where there is plenty of food and water.  So, if you live within a few miles of a stream, the raccoon will probably be relocated there.  In order for a raccoon to leave a neighborhood, they should be relocated at least 5-10 miles away.  However, this isn’t always possible.  Sometimes, the best place to release a raccoon is within the same neighborhood; otherwise, it could perish.  So, in this case, we will patch up any holes they used to enter your home.  We also suggest keeping your trash cans covered and inside until trash is picked up.


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