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Rogue Raccoons in your Home?



Rogue raccoons are nothing to sneeze at.

Raccoons can be a big problem for your family and pets, so if you see one then you need to make the call. They can mate anywhere from September to June and this could lead to a very territorial mother hanging out in your yard. This, as you can imagine, doesn’t bode particularly well for you. So, how can you deter raccoons and what should you do if you see one? That’s what we’ll be covering today. So, are you ready to learn more? Let’s go!

Do not tangle with a rogue raccoon.

Raccoons are very territorial creatures that do not respect your property’s deed. They don’t care if you think that this is your home once they move in. If you find a raccoon on your property or in your house, then you need to steer clear. They can get vicious if threatened or cornered. Do not let your pets get near them either as they may be carrying disease. Raccoons are very smart little creatures, so you need to be smarter.

Deter them if you can.

Raccoons are notorious trash diggers, so make sure to keep the lid on your garbage. This doesn’t always work due to the little hands that raccoons have. Their deft little fingers can tear open a lot of trashcans so try to invest in something serious. Try to avoid leaving food outside for them to smell and become interested in. You should also keep an eye on your chimney because raccoons sometimes choose to raise their young inside of them. Cap your chimney and keep any entrances into your home sealed. If you’d like to learn more about raccoons check out this link!


Need help getting rid of raccoons in your area?

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