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5 Signs You Still Have A Rat Problem

5 Signs You Still Have A Rat Problem

Are you one of the many homeowners with a rat problem? Don’t let these critters take over your home!

Let’s set the stage. You had an animal control professional come into your home to fix your rodent problem. After they leave, how can you be so sure they addressed the problem? There is no real way of knowing right away, so you have to give it some time. After a couple of weeks, you should be able to tell based upon a few indicators. Here are some of the signs to be on the lookout for inside your home.

Fresh Droppings

Discovering rodent droppings inside of your home can be a horrifying experience. This is especially true when finding them in places such as your kitchen or bathroom because they are supposed to be sanitized environments. If can be frustrating if you recently had an animal control service come out to your home to correct your rodent problem. It is important to keep in mind that the dropping may not be fresh. It could be possible that they could have been present before you had the professional come into your home. If they do look fresh, give the animal control service a call.

Horrible Odor

Rats are filthy creatures. If you If your home still possesses a foul odor, you likely have a recurring rodent problem. Dogs can quickly detect this smell and may become excited if they know rats are nearby. If you own a dog, pay attention to its behavior. If they are always scratching the walls or trying to get under large items like the refrigerator, they may be after the rats in your home.


Rats create nests just like birds do. However, inside of constructing them inside of birdhouses and on trees, rats sometimes find places inside of your home. They will use all sorts of materials they can find inside of your home such as fabrics, pieces of paper, twigs, etc. If you were to find a rat’s nest inside of your home, you have a reason for concern.

Fresh Tracks

This is one of the more obvious warning signs you still have rats present in your home. If you regularly clean your wood and tile floors but notice that there are tracks, your rodent problem has not been resolved.

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