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How To Address Your Rat Problem

How To Address Your Rat Problem

Shumaker Animal Control can help you with your rat problem!

When rats enter your home, they can wreak havoc. They’re known to cause damage by chewing on furniture, insulation, wiring, and other structural aspects of the home, but they can also carry over 70 diseases. In order to avoid damages to your home, or a serious and potentially lethal health issue, here are five tips for addressing rats making trouble for your home.

Don’t Adopt A Cat To Get Rid Of The Rats

While cats are natural predators and hunters and have become the domesticated companions of humans based on their abilities to help rid our homes and food stores of pests, the health issues that can come with a rat infestation aren’t limited to humans. Cats that catch mice and rats are known to live far shorter lives than cats that don’t because of the diseases, infections, ticks, and other issues that rats carry.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Cleaning your home may sound like a simple method for addressing a rat problem, they thrive in garbage and clutter. The messier a place is, the easier it is for pests to find hiding places and create bedding for themselves. De-cluttering areas like the kitchen, closets, basement, and attic can make it hard for rats to find a suitable place to settle in your home.

Keep Their Food Sources Clean

Rats will often feed from their from trash cans, so emptying the cans in your kitchen, bathroom, and elsewhere will help keep the rats from their food sources. In addition to emptying the garbage regularly, placing a locking mechanism on your trash can will keep rats from accessing the food source in the meantime.

Don’t Use Rat Poison

Rats who eat the poison can end up dead in hard to reach (or hard to find) places around your home, resulting in undesirable odors and various potential health issues.

Contact experts

The surest way to address your rat problem is to contact pest control experts to remove the pests in a safe and effective manner.

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