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How to Address Your Snake Problem


Are there snakes on your property?

It’s a problem that no homeowner would want to deal with — the issue of removing snakes from your property or outside of your home. It can be a jarring discovery when you find one and requires the immediate need for animal control services. To be proactive about the problem, here are some factors to consider and tips for addressing your snake problem.

Why Do I Have Snakes?

The first step in addressing your snake problem is understanding why you have snakes on your property in the first place. What are the characteristics of your snake problem? Are they located in your home or outside? Take note of the locations that you are encountering the snakes or any denning locations. What kind of snakes are you seeing? This will help enhance your safety while addressing the problem. If you are also addressing a rodent problem in or around your home, that could be a possible reason why you are also seeing snakes.

What Can I Do?

Like many other types of animals, snakes are usually seeking shelter and food when they find their way onto your property. Therefore, your first course of action would be to eliminate those items and areas in or around your home that are attracting them. Remove any piles of wood or rocks on your property. Ensure that your landscaping is well-maintained and that any burrows created by other animals are filled.

To control snakes on your property, use a system that works to get rid of any current snakes currently on your property and keep them from coming back. Snake repellents come in both spray and granular forms. They’re efficient for controlling venomous and nonvenomous snakes and are immediately effective. They work by disorienting the snake which causes it to retreat and look for shelter and food elsewhere.

How Do I Eliminate Access?

Professional snake removal services will ensure a thorough examination of your property and the full removal of all snakes; especially those that may be venomous and therefore, dangerous for those that aren’t trained to handle. Snake fencing is also another way to eliminate snake access to your property. They use smooth materials that inhibit their ability to pass them. Use screen enclosures and keep windows closed. Ensure that you repair any holes or other damage to your foundation and fill gaps underneath your doors.

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