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How to Keep Snakes Away

How to Keep Snakes Away

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It’s one thing to have a fear of snakes, but it’s entirely something else to have to deal with them at home. If you’ve had a snake sighting in your yard or even in your home, it’s important to act fast and address the problem immediately. If you aren’t an expert on snakes and animal removal, the safest thing to do is to call on the experts. But even after the snakes have been removed, you can do your part to ensure that they’ll stay away from your property.  

Property Maintenance

Like most other critters that find their way onto your property, snakes are usually seeking food and shelter. Therefore, your first step to keeping them away is to remove these sources of attraction. Remove all areas in your yard where there is excess vegetation, weeds, high grass, and any other debris piles like firewood. Keep your lawn mowed regularly and keep wood piles on an elevated surface above the ground by at least two feet.

Remove Food Supply

Do you have any trees on your property from which fruit and nuts fall into your yard? See to it that those items are kept off the ground as often as possible. You may also have to give up your love of feeding birds as birdseed creates another food source for snakes. Lock your compost pile in a closed container. After following these suggestions, you’ll soon notice many types of critters staying away from your property.  

Natural Repellants

There are many different types of snake repellant that you can use, based on your personal preferences and what you find works the best on your property. There are sprays, powders, and even noise devices that detract snakes. You can try a mixture of cinnamon and clove oil as well as other homemade combinations that snakes don’t like.  

Eliminate Access

Use screen enclosures, patch up any holes and close off other areas that snakes are probably using as access points, like foundation gaps and open basement windows. You’ll probably also benefit from installing snake fencing around the perimeter of your property.

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