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How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard

Keep snakes out of your yard this fall!

Do you have a snake problem in your yard? Most of the time they are harmless creatures. However, most homeowners would rather keep their property clear of them. This is especially true if you have children or pets. Here are some helpful snake prevention tips that you can use to keep these slithering reptiles out of your yard!

Make Your Property Less Snake Friendly

Your first step should be trying to make your property less hospitable for snakes. Take some time and remove all sorts of debris that could act as cover for snakes. This includes leaves, fallen branches, piles of grass clippings, etc. Also, consider trimming your bushes and filling any holes that snakes could inhabit. For example, any gaps in bricks or cracks in concrete should be filled. In other words, try and eliminate any place that could serve as cover for snakes in your property. It is important to remember that snakes love the shade. Don’t give places where they can hide from the sun’s rays.

Snake Repellant

Once your yard is clear is no longer snake friendly, you can start looking at the snake repellants. There are a variety of sprays, powders, and noise devices available for your consideration. There are all sorts of mixed review about the various snake repellants on the market. Some people have experienced great results by using them, and others feel as if they are a waste of money.


A fence can do wonders for your snake problem. For example, if you are considered primarily about snakes entering your garden you can install a fence that keeps them out. Keep in mind you want to opt for a solid wall. Chain link fences will likely not help you much with your snake problem.

Hire A Professional

Sometimes you just need to leave animal control up to the professionals. If your snake problem is terrible or you’re maybe just concerned about the safety of your pets on young ones, you should pick up the phone and give us a call. Our experts will come out and rid your property of snakes.

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