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How To Make Your Property Less Appealing To Snakes

How To Make Your Property Less Appealing To Snakes

Do you know why snakes are attracted to your yard?

Do you want to keep snakes off of your property? Although these creatures are usually harmless, they can cause property damage. If you have a snake problem in your yard, it is because your property is appealing to them in some way or another. If you want to keep your property snake-free, keep reading for some helpful tips!

Trim Tree Branches & Shrubs

Snakes like residing in shady spots. They love living under overgrown trees and shrubs because it’s cool and they are protected from predators, like birds. If you want to make your property less appealing to snakes, trim and tree branches or shrubs accordingly so they have fewer places to hide in your yard.

Be Mindful Of Woodpiles

If you live in a wooded area, you may have a stack of logs in your yard. Although it is nice to have a free supply of firewood for the winter months, it is important to remember that wood piles are perfect places for snakes to live. The gaps between the logs are perfect places for snakes and to slither into. If you need to have a wood pile, you’re better off keeping it a safe distance away from your home.

Don’t Feed Your Pets Outside

Snakes are attracted to pet food. If you have dogs or cats, feed them inside. The smell of a freshly opened can of dog food will entice a snake to slither onto your property. Also, be mindful of bird feeders. It is not uncommon for birdseed to fall from them onto the ground. When it does, it attracts rodents, which ultimately attract snakes. If you are going to have a bird feeder, keep them away from your home.

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