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Need Help Removing Swimming Pool Snakes?

This is the Northern Water Snake. Has he slipped into your pool? We can help!

This is the Northern Water Snake. Has he slipped into your pool? We can help!

Memorial Day weekend is approaching. For many pool owners in Maryland, that means it’s time to reopen your swimming pool and welcome the summer season ahead! This is an exciting notion and swimming pools bring a lot of great benefits to any property. However, it is not entirely uncommon for a snake to find its way into your swimming pool. Let’s talk about how we can help remove swimming pool snakes and why you shouldn’t try to do it alone.

Why Do You Have Swimming Pool Snakes?

When we say “swimming pool snakes” we are referring to any type of Maryland snake that has found its way into your swimming pool and is presenting a hazard to your property or your swimmers. Snakes commonly dip into swimming pools in search of food or in relief of the heat. They most commonly target swimming pools that are surrounded by wooded areas for easy access.

Types of Maryland Snakes in Your Pool

Maryland is home to 27 different types of snakes but only the Northern Copperhead and Timber Rattlesnake are venomous. You are more likely to find a non-venomous species in your swimming pool such as the Northern Water Snake or Red-bellied Water Snake. It is still wise to understand the differences in appearance between venomous and non-venomous snakes, this way you are certain about which snakes are unsafe to approach. Learn how to identify a venomous snake here.

How to Remove a Snake From Your Swimming Pool

The best way to safely remove and relocate a snake from your swimming pool is to contact us to do it for you! We have experience dealing with both venomous and non-venomous snakes, and we would hate to see you hurt yourself trying to handle such a dangerous situation. If you trust your instincts and have identified that the snake is non-venomous and want to address the situation without our help, proceed with caution. You can use a pool skimmer with an extended handle to pick the snake up and toss it back into the nearby woods or you can attempt removing the snake by hand with a glove although potential injury may occur.

In Need of Humane Snake Removal? We Can Help!

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