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Tips to Keep Snakes Away from Your Yard

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard

Keep snakes out of your yard this spring! Shumaker Animal Control can help!

Snakes are creatures that receive very polarizing reviews — either you love them, or you loathe them. Even for people that love snakes, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want them taking over their yards. That’s when you need some animal control tips and techniques to keep them from slithering onto your property. Check out these tips to keep snakes away from your yard.

Landscape Care

The first and easiest tip for keeping snakes away from your yard is to mow your lawn. Snakes are attracted to tall grass as it gives them coverage and the ability to hide and move around in peace. In tall grass, snakes are also able to find some of their favorite meals, including crickets, mice, and other rodents. For many of the same reasons, be sure to move any woodpiles on your property as they give snakes a cool and private place to hang out. The same goes for shrubs as they are low enough to the ground for snakes to create their own little homes right in your yard. Keep the shrubs neatly trimmed, forcing snakes to try to find shelter elsewhere.

Rodent and Insect Control

Snakes travel where they think they’ll be able to find ample food sources. To keep snakes away from your yard, you must also control the population of rodents and insects near your property. Use various repellents and other techniques to get rid of small rodents, including mice and squirrels. Getting rid of insects may be a task that isn’t worth the amount of effort it would require — it’s nearly impossible to get rid of them all. However, you can try various techniques, including special insect repellents.

Natural Snake Repellents

If the tips above don’t work, then you can always try a snake repellent, specifically designed to make your yard as unattractive as possible for snakes. Granular snake repellent has no smell but is designed to train snakes to stay away from your yard by irritating them. You could also try a repellent that does use bad smells and tastes to get rid of the snakes.  

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