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Ways to Get Rid of Snakes


If the snake is outside of your home or near the entrance to your door (but not inside yet), keep in mind that you are technically in their habitat.

Whether you live in the Maryland suburbs or a rural part of Virginia, snakes are incredibly common and a huge annoyance for homeowners. Aside from calling the professionals at Shumaker’s Animal Control for humane removal, here are some of the easiest and best ways to get rid of snakes once and for all.

Walk Away

If the snake is outside of your home or near the entrance to your door (but not inside yet), keep in mind that you are technically in their habitat. Snakes need to pass through yards to get from place to place, just like any other wildlife creature, so if they seem like they know where they are headed there is no reason for you to intervene. Many snake sightings do not need any sort of animal control contacted, so if you know that the snake is not venomous and see that it isn’t doing any harm, wait to call until something is wrong.

Call the Professionals

A professional animal control company can take care of safely removing the snake from your property without any hassle. They can catch the snake and remove it manually or by using a snake trap. They can also offer you valuable advice on how to prevent a snake from entering your home or property again.

Use a Trap

Do you have a problem with snakes inside of your home? A snake trap is a simple solution. Don’t use glue-based traps, as they are inhumane and can capture many other small animals that are outside of your home. Use a snake trap designed to securely store snakes (without adhesives or other dangerous elements) so that you can safely release the snake outside and away from your property.

Change Up Your Property

If snakes are common at your home, there is a reason why. Chances are, your property is in a part of the area that has snakes and your property has some elements that are attractive to the snakes. In order to make your yard less friendly to slithering snakes, make sure that you:

  • Get rid of excess debris like wood piles or rock piles
  • Trim your hedges
  • Cut back any heavy brush
  • Seal any small gaps under doorways
  • Seal any potential entry points to your home, even if they are small

Have Snakes Inside of Your Home That Shouldn’t Be There? Give Us a Call!

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