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Defeating the Squirrel Garden Menace

shocked grey squirrel

The heat from pepper, like cayenne, can act as a deterrent to keep squirrels from destroying your plants.

Every gardener has a horror story about squirrels knocking over their bird feeders or chipmunks digging up their garden. But there are ways to help prevent the squirrely menaces from taking an interest in your tulip bulbs. Take a moment to read about one way you can discourage the local wildlife from driving you crazy.

Pepper is The Key

The heat from pepper, like cayenne, can act as a deterrent to keep squirrels from destroying your plants. There are several ways that you can apply the pepper, though make sure to use gloves and goggles for all of them!

In the Soil

Crushed cayenne pepper flakes aren’t just for pizza! Try sprinkling them around the plants that are having the most problems with the squirrels. Mix red pepper flakes into the soil around the plants to form a barrier around the plants, bulbs and areas where squirrels like to dig.

On the Leaves

You can also sprinkle powdered cayenne pepper directly onto the leaves of the plants. Sprinkle a light dusting of the pepper powder directly onto plant leaves, especially low-lying leaves within the reach of squirrels. Just make sure the wind doesn’t blow the cayenne pepper away…or back into your face! Goggles or a face mask can be a big help with this method.

Smeared All Over

Strong winds and rains can wash away your peppery shield. Try mixing the cayenne pepper with some petroleum jelly to help it stay on the plants, and any other areas where the squirrels have been causing problems. Try greasing the pole of your bird feeder to prevent squirrels from climbing it to reach the bird seed.

To make the cayenne pepper and petroleum mixture, scoop a small amount of petroleum jelly into a bowl. Sprinkle several teaspoons of the powdered cayenne pepper onto the substance, mixing it together with a spoon. To use it, smear a very thin layer of the mixture on and around the base of the plant.  You can also apply it along garden borders or fences near the area to deter squirrels from even entering the garden.

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