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How Do I Keep Squirrels Off My Property?

How do I Keep Squirrels off My Property?

Do you have a squirrel problem in your yard? Shumaker Animal Control can help!

Many people love going to the park and seeing squirrels run around. Some people even leave bits of bread or crackers to feed them; however, it’s a different story when you have a bunch of squirrels on your property that you’d like to relegate to the park. They can cause issues for homeowners and become a nuisance if there’s too many on your property. If you want to control the number of squirrels coming onto your property, try these animal control techniques for your peace of mind.

Get Rid of What’s Attracting Them

If a lot of squirrels are coming onto your property, it’s likely because something is attracting them. Make sure that you’re consistently raking up and removing any nuts or berries that fall from the trees on your landscape. The scent and sight of these edible treats are attracting them to your yard. Also, tightly seal and lock your trash cans so that they aren’t able to smell or reach the food scraps that you’ve thrown out. You should also be diligent in keeping your tree branches trim so that squirrels aren’t able to use them to gain access to your garden and yard.

Use Repellents

If your squirrel problem is enough of an issue, you may need to employ a more direct approach. You should be able to find an efficient squirrel repellant at your local hardware or garden store. Mothballs and peppermint are also useful deterrents that work to keep squirrels off your property. If you’re afraid of hurting the animals, there are also some natural remedies that you can find right in your kitchen. Try sprinkling hot spices like chili powder over the affected areas on your property. Chopped garlic with vinegar and water will also do the trick.

Squirrel Predators

The presence of one or more squirrel predators will surely let them know that their presence isn’t welcome on your property. In the animal world, cats and dogs will intimidate squirrels from coming onto your property. Also, just the scent of other predatory animals will be enough to scare them away. An outdoor store may have predator scents available for purchase. If all else fails, put up a squirrel feeder away from your home to give them another place to go and eat.  

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