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How To Address Your Squirrel Problem

How To Address Your Squirrel Problem

Don’t let these furry creatures find their way into your home!

Some people love them; others can’t stand them. Squirrels appear to be cute creatures with their big eyes and fluffy tails. They are often portrayed as innocent characters in children’s movies. How could an animal like this ever cause you any trouble? Your opinion of squirrels may change when you discover that a family of them has infiltrated your home and are wreaking havoc! The sounds of squirrels scurrying in attics or garages drive many homeowners crazy every winter. They have also been known to cause damage to the insides of homes. Here are just a few ways you can address your squirrel problem!

How To Trap Them

Squirrels are unbelievably fast critters. To catch one in your home, you need to set up a trap. Your best bet for catching squirrels is to use small steel cages. After they are caught, you can safely relocate them elsewhere. It is essential that the cages you use are small; otherwise, the squirrels are likely going to be running and banging against the walls of the cage. This could cause the squirrel to injure itself. Also, be sure to place the trap in a shady location to prevent any chance of the animal experiencing heat exhaustion. Although trapping squirrel will address your short-term problem, it should not be thought of as a final solution to your squirrel situation. If squirrels were able to enter your home before, others will have the same ability if other preventative measures are not taken.

How To Keep Them Away

The best way to keep squirrels out of your home is to ensure that all openings are sealed shut. Take some time to survey your home for any holes or gaps that a squirrel could use to get inside. If you find an opening, you will want to be sure to close it as soon as possible. It is important to remember that squirrels are expert chewers, so you probably want to use steel to patch any areas. You will also need to consider all possible entryways into your home. For example, squirrels will sometimes utilize a home’s chimney as a means to get inside the attic.

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